Daoism, Socialism and Auto-eroticsm

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 1 13:38:51 PST 1998

Max Sawicky pointed out that it is a big leap (unfortunately not a Big Leap Forward: a Mao program with which it would be interest to be compared) for me to write that the dao (the way) as "some would call it socialism". I fail to see the leap, as it is common knowledge that socialists believe that socialism is the way. Max also observed that Daoist arguments seem and look circular. Precisely, that is the message: all arguments are circular. But when he confessed that Daoist notions did little for him, I would only remind him the Daoism has been around for thousands of years and has yet to fade away for lack of profundity. It will be with us long after Max is gone. I have since found Max's home page and the Labor Party (whose page is not working, Max) and learned a few things about him and his ideas which I found enlightening. I am certain when he should find the time and curiosity to look into Daoism, he would not be disappointed.

As for gilbert, I am not sure his comparing my post with auto eroticism is a criticism or compliment. According to Kinsey, over 90% of America male and a high percentage of females have engaged in the practice sometime in their live and found it pleasurable. So it makes my post qualify as populist. At any rate, outside of the Church, it could not be a sin, and among psychiatrists, it is considered a highly acceptable therapy for stress. It may even have political implications, for if Clinton would only stick to auto erotic relief, the nation business would not be distracted, as the White House would say. By the way, Han Fei was a Legalist scholar (Han Fei Zi is the title of his collected works). Legalism's opposition to Confucianism has been analyzed at some length in my previous posts, some would say with excessive length. Legalist views oppose but do not negate the precepts of Mencius. Anyway thank you both for responding.


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