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Greg Nowell GN842 at CNSVAX.Albany.Edu
Tue Dec 1 16:10:16 PST 1998

There is no good electric leach munching technology. You can sling one of those blowers over your shoulder and use in suck 'n' chew mode. Slow. You can put the blower on blow and blow toward a tarp which you have held down with stakes or rocks. Also slow. You can use a grind 'em up chew em up riding mower, which I found very efficient, but it won't work for non-lawn yard.

Sears makes for $300 or so a gasoline chipper vac which has suck and grind capabilities, as well as grind up stick capabilities. I don't really find it that useful and it might be hard on non-lawn garden plants.

And rakes. ugh. But why rake the non-lawn part of the yard? Leaves are good mulch.

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