The Manifesto Today

pms laflame at
Tue Dec 1 22:19:48 PST 1998

>Yes of course, an _organized_ discussion on these lists would be very
>helpful: a discussion on the meaning of the Communist Manifesto for today,
>on the comparabilty of the pre-WWI-situation of the Junius Pamphlet to the
>situation of today, or on the economics of the global turbulence, its
>causes and political alternatives.

Hey guys, I'm all for this, I'm so ignorant about this stuff.

I would hope we would also discuss the language that will penetrate the working class, hell, also the simply non-wealthy, consciousness. It won't sound like much of anything on this list, of that I'm pretty darned sure. But I think that language damn well better be starting to circulate rather robustly, before the shit really hits the fan, or we won't stand a chance against "war and facism". You know, I think. In this country.

Nighty nite, Paula

*******George Update: Adorable, unapproachable George is back behind the azaleas. His step a bit lighter. Will he now surrender to my charms?

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