Pinochet and the work of re-membering

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Wed Dec 2 04:17:34 PST 1998

Chris Burford wrote:

>>The integration of psycho-social forms of resistance and struggle with
>>the class struggle against capitalism I submit is progressive and consistent
>>with a true (non-dogmatic) approach to marxism. They are being increasingly
>>used as world struggles intensify in their development and complexity,
>>and they unite the people.

Someone queried:

>where is this happening? and by whom?

My question, however, is WHAT are you referring to? When has the "psycho-social" ever been absent or less than important in class (and other) struggle? And how do you identify "psycho-social forms of resistance"?

rc&am provided us with this suggestive beaute this morning:

"Social Democracy thought fit to assign to the working class the role of the redeemer of future generations, in this way cutting the sinews of its greatest strength. This training made the working class forget both its hatred and its spirit of sacrifice, for both are nourished by the image of enslaved ancestors rather than that of liberated grandchildren" - walter benjamin, 'theses on the philosophy of history'

"hatred and ... spirit of sacrifice" are clearly the terrain of the "psycho-social". I'm active in union and class struggles now, and cannot conceive of our ideas, work, values as somehow distinct from a realm of "psycho-social" stuggle. What were you referring to?



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