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Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Wed Dec 2 12:23:55 PST 1998

Dear Doug and the LBOers,

I thought we had some LBO consensus numbers on this topic early in the summer. Estimates of between 8 to 14 million Americans with incomes over $100k if I recall correctly. Max's 9,720,000 Americans fits nicely into that range.

Sincerely, Tom L.

Max Sawicky wrote:

> Citizens for Tax Justice says 8.1% of tax
> returns show income over $100,000. As noted
> above, many don't have to file returns (there's
> about 120 million a year total).
> Of course, many returns are for households that
> include additional earners and dependents.
> Brad the Acorn Gatherer asked:
> Do we know where the top of the fourth family
> income quintile was for two-adult households
> aged 40-49?
> The answer is still no, but this gets a
> little closer--
> The average 'family economic income' for
> "families age 40-50" in the
> 70-80 percentiles (e.g., the eighth decile)
> was $54,722 in 1994 (Gale, Houser, Scholz)
> Without the imputations in FEI, this would
> of course be lower.
> Ordinarily I wouldn't be so informative to the list,
> but I'm working with these numbers right now.
> mbs

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