Phalluses, Assholes & Dawkins' favorite book

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Thu Dec 3 12:51:50 PST 1998

Ingrid 'singing sphincter' Multhopp said:

> From my quick skim it seemed that S&B are pointedly not trying to
> trash Lacan's entire psychanalytic theory, but merely "Lacanian
> mathematics," which are garbage as mathematics and at least arguably
> bombastic, obfuscatory and inapt as psychoanalytic metaphors.

dear sphinx: could you see your way to posting a little of the content of Lacanian mathematics as gleaned by you from said book? I grow a little weary of this conversation as its running mainly on hot air, and a little gas in the tank might go a long way.

besides, i just luvvvv crazy math!

yours truly

les 'all puckered up' schaffer

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