Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at juno.com
Thu Dec 3 20:35:51 PST 1998

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 19:21:30 -0500 Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> writes:

>Where's this? Is the New Party involved?

Not even. As distasteful as the New Party's policy of supporting Dems is, I still think they do some valuable work, like the living wage campaign in Montgomery County, MD.

No, the group I'm talking about is a collection of New Age style flakes which was formed specifically for the purpose of fighting local bigots who wanted to shut down a showing of Tony Kushner's Angels in America. Not that fighting censorship isn't important, but beyond that, they haven't done much. Their leader backed Clinton's bombing of Iraq in typical spineless liberal style on the grounds that "Saddam Hussein only understands force." (yes, he really said THAT)

Paul Henry Rosenberg writes:

>> Just as a point, you did not have to let the AFL-CIO be the ultimate
>> guide as to where to donate your time.

>Understatement of the century.

You guys misunderstand me. I certainly don't think the AFL-CIO serves as any kind of template for how activism should go. I'm just more interested in the cause of Labor than anything else.

The causes Gar lists are all worthwhile, but what can be done beyond writing a few letters here and there?

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