Christopher Niles and Racism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Dec 4 08:33:46 PST 1998

>See my response to Alex L. on activism. The short answer is that activists
>tend to be united in and by struggle even as their parties are ideologically
>at war. I would guess that even Louis Proyect manages comradely
involvement in
>actual organizing, assuming he finds time away from his library and Web site
>to join in.
>Ken Lawrence

Actually I do. What I don't do is badger young people about how they don't measure up to my accomplishments the way that you do. When you go on and on about your radical CV, you remind me of the uncle who is free with his "When I was your age..."

I have gotten to know Alex Locascio through his participation on Doug's list and my own. What we need is 10,000 more just like him, and the sooner the better. If you didn't spend so much god-damned time telling us about your exploits and spent more time in a library like Marx or Lenin did as they tried to come up with answers to the class struggle of their epoch, you'd have people expressing their admiration for you, rather than their annoyance.

Email is not the proper place to glorify one's self. In actuality, it is a good place to get knocked down a notch or two, which can be kind of painful. If you wanted to win friends and influence people, you'd take advantage of the bandwidth and tell people about what is going on in the Deep South today, rather than pointing out how they don't measure up to your heroic example.

Louis Proyect


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