Prisoners of the American Dream

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Fri Dec 4 16:33:27 PST 1998

Dear Jim,

I like Davis's style. One of my pals who is by the way a Johnny Bull says, "Davis writes the greatest Marxist polemics today...he can switch back and forth." I don't know if I'd go that far, because polemic and Marx are big words for Americans and Davis is as American as mom and apple pie. The guy is really good.

Another thing about Davis is he just isn't a strictly California kind of guy. The stuff he writes about resonates. I see a little bit of it here and a little bit of it there in my fairly limited travels. Davis transcends regionalism; while at the same time concentrating on his region.

One reviewer did say he wished Davis would write a little about the new age elites and their thing with karma and reincarnation. Or are these would be elites? It would be an interesting topic and maybe he could throw in their eastern cousins who are into gargoyles.

I really hope to meet Mike sometime if he ever comes east---I know of at least one standing offer.

Sincerely, Tom Lehman

Jim heartfield wrote:

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> >The other day, someone mourned the out-of-printness of Mike Davis'
> >Prisoners of the American Dream. Verso tells me they're going to reprint it
> >in the spring of 1999.
> I've heard that there is a new Mike Davis out, but it is not available
> in England is it any good? I loved City of Quartz best.
> --
> Jim heartfield

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