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Review of “Freakin Giuliani” a play by Robert Liebowitz

Last night I had a singular experience, attending a play called “Freakin Giuliani” at the None Of The Above Theatre Company, Theatre 22 #54 West 22nd Street. As someone who has spent much of the past five years protesting against the Mayor, writing leaflets denouncing him, painting satirical portraits of him as a dictator and suing him in Federal court over his repressive policies you can imagine my delight. Contrary to what I’d expected this was a serious drama with comic touches rather than a broad comedy. Set entirely in Washington Square Park, it addressed racial tensions and class distinctions between various groups of New Yorkers with the Mayor’s police state as a constant presence lurking in the background. The acting and direction were excellent. Until I’d read his bio I was certain that Dez, the actor who played the part of “Bone”, really was one of the Washington Square Park regulars I had come to know while hanging out around the chess tables.

The play is in nine scenes and takes place in the very near future. Each scene is interspersed with hilarious radio news clips reporting on the latest lunatic initiatives of the Mayor and his straight man Police Commissioner Howard Safir.

The remaining scheduled performances are December 4th-13th, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8 P.M. -Sunday at 3 P.M. For reservations call (718) 278-5919. Tickets are $15 T.D.F.

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)

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