Christopher Niles and Racism

Christopher Niles cniles at
Fri Dec 4 18:26:10 PST 1998

Is it the technology or are Paul and Ken really that nasty? I'm a Black demagogue? A slow learner? I'm wrestling with phantoms? I'm a victim of identity based self-hatred? I'm searching for purity, renunciation and redemption?

I thank those of you who made constructive remarks about my comments, whether or not you agreed with them. That said, I am not even going to try to respond to either Paul or Ken's, uh, comments, not because my original post was problem free (and it wasn't) but because Ken and Paul comments have little to do with inquiry and criticism. I try on this list serve to to be constructivly provacative and to provide some depth to my comments by occasionally exposing some of my own weaknesses and doubts. In this case, my efforts invited only vitriol, slander, and grandstanding from Paul and Ken. Yeah, I know, that's what they think of my original post...

So, Ken and Paul, you win. Happy?


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