So, Hoffa Jr. wins it...

Sun Dec 6 20:34:39 PST 1998

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<< Comments? >> A very serious defeat for the rank and file movement in the labor movement. Hoffa won 56% to Leedham's 40% on thre latest figures I have seen. This just about completes a crushing setback for the reform caucus that started when Carey got caught with his fingers in the till and the government decided it was payback time for the successful UPS strike of a year and half ago. The election gives a old-guard reactionary without vision or ideals and with connections to people with shadyt connections (to say the least) control of the union, and he will doubtfess use to to root out reform Local officers and install the sort of people who gave the union such inspiring leadership in the past (Dad, Frankie Fitzsimmons, Jackie Presser, and other federal jailbirds). It will take quitea w hile to recover, and the effect on the wider union movement and reform in other unions will be grim.

The best things to be said: the good guys _did_ get 40%, Jr got fewer votes, absolutely, than last time around, and TDU is up and fighting with a proactive and sensible strategy.



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