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McSpotlight is a great site. Also Lots of great information on labor practices and other horrors in the book McLibel: Burger Culture on Trial (now I can't remember the author, and can't find my copy, sorry). But The McLibel site has a lot of the trial transcripts the book draws on. for McDonald's own take on its profitability, and for every new store opened, the company has a website has press releases documenting everything. Failures and poor market share -- lamentable performance of the Arch Deluxe, etc.-- the recent business press in general has a lot of good information. I also have some background articles on McD labor history -- I can forward them to you if they're still in electronic form. otherwise I'll send cites.

Liza Featherstone

Tony Evans wrote:
> The definitive site is McSpotlight
> Lots of links and info on actions from around the world
> Tony
> Tom Kruse wrote:
> Dear Listmembers:
> The frist McDonalds in Cochabamba, Bolivia is to open on
> Friday.  We are
> preparing a protest of sorts.  I am writing for help in
> putting together
> info.  I have the piece by Liza Featherstonein LBO 86, a
> couple of list
> posts, but nothing else.
> I would greatly appreciate ANY critical infomration on McDs,
> especially
> profitability, business and labor practices.
> Also, I vaguely remember The Economist did a Big Mac index,
> which compared
> the cost of Big Macs the world over, as a sort of globalized
> index of
> costs/values.  Does anyone have the citation?  We would like
> to see where
> Bolivia stands on the global Big Mac index.
> Many thanks!
> Tom
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