Marxism and Enlightenment thought

Enzo Michelangeli em at
Wed Dec 9 18:40:30 PST 1998

-----Original Message----- From: Jim heartfield <jim at> Date: Thursday, December 10, 1998 8:20 AM

>Marxism is not a Pol Pot style 'year Zero', but an attempt to transcend
>the Enlightenment, by completing it. Marxism critiques the Enlightenment
>for its failure to live up to its own promises, Liberty, Equality and
>Post-modernism, like all irrationalist philosophies, by contrast is a
>retreat even from the qualified advances made by the bourgeoisie. It is,
>in the proper sense of the word, a reaction, seeking to take us back,
>demolishing reason, progress, and freedom as 'mere illusions'.

Thanks Jim: you restore my badly shaken confidence in the existence of sane socialists. We may differ, but at least we have common ground for discussion.


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