too much nature in New York

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Thu Dec 10 05:59:09 PST 1998

> My
>back-of-the-envelope calculation indicates that about
>3-5 vehicles per thousand will collide with a deer in
>New York.

Sorry Gregg, as a former upstate NYer who lived in the boonies I'll have to tell you that cars don't collide w/ deer. You've subtly indicated a causality or, perhaps, a lack of one that just doesn't do justice to what actually happens. Deer collide with cars. They literally run into them and there is NOTHING you can do about it. NOTHING.

I read this too just before I moved. The deer are rampant and I guess they're talking about letting the hunters take more doe during the season. Besides, I heard my ex nabbed his first deer after years of trying and I know damn well it's not because he somehow improved as a marksman or anything. There were just more deer running around in the forest this year than ever, I imagine.

Thanks for the help w/ the mortgage rate info, maybe that knowledge will get me dinner.

Snit, who's first sporty two month old car was the target of a deer attack

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