"Clinton Leads Toward a Plan to Invest Some Soc. Sec. Taxes in Market"

Tom Lehman uswa12 at lorainccc.edu
Thu Dec 10 14:15:41 PST 1998

Dear Doug, the LBOers and Carl,

Yes, Max is correct in that there is big opposition to any and all forms of social security privatization by various member unions and state AFL-CIO and local AFL-CIO organizations. Whether it's on or off the record, it's a fact jack. This is one of those over my dead body issues. Like Nafta. Clinton will wreck the Democrat Party, if he supports any form of privatization of social security. This is a defining issue. Just take a peek at the definition of corporatism in Webster's Third New International Dictionary. Corporatism would be the result of putting social security money into a stock index fund as some hindsteiners have suggested.

Sincerely, Tom Lehman

Max Sawicky wrote:

> > "Organized labor and many liberal Democrats favor government investment
> > because the proceeds could be used to bolster the current system of
> > guaranteed payments. However, critics argue that the government would
> The WSJ is inaccurate here. "Organized labor" has taken no formal
> position on the stock purchase, and in fact many AFL affiliates oppose it.
> All of labor is opposed to the individual accounts, a different matter.
> mbs

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