Tobacco and capitalism.

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Fri Dec 11 07:51:42 PST 1998

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>In the UK and Europe there is a lot of concern about genetically modified
>soya beans, which apparently have been rapidly incorporated into the food
>chain in the USA with little public protest.

When you say 'a lot of concern' you should say that the Guardian newspaper and a handful of health food cranks have objected, and the government has ridiculously kow-towed to these irrational fears.

Genetically modified soya beans and tomatoes. I wouldn't buy anything else. Bear in mind that England is the home of food panics. For three months nobody would eat an egg in this country because of some hysteria about salmonella. Then chickens were suddenly abandoned. And for a year, the BSE cobblers has massively reduced the price of beef - and has now been quietly set aside (it was only ever an excuse for a reduction in the over-stocked European beef market).

n message <199812101930.OAA06217 at>, Fellows, Jeffrey <jmf9 at> writes

>The earlier swill about the personal 'satisfaction' of smoking a cigarette
>during 'special moments' in one's life, or some such implication, makes
>about as much sense as having the freedom to enjoy a few good lines of coke,
>or a speedball, in celebration of a BCS bowl game victory.

Sounds good to me. -- Jim heartfield

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