Derrida Marxist?

christian a. gregory driver at
Fri Dec 11 07:16:37 PST 1998

>>>Derrida? A Marxist? Really?>>
>Well, probably a heretical Marxist in many books. I know, he doesn't
>like the term "Marxist" but his thought carries on the spirit of Marx.
>Look at _The Specters of Marx_. It is written with much admiration and
>subtlety. He does call for a New International.
>chuck miller

oh gawd. calling for a new international is all it takes these days, eh? sure, "of spirit" is a great book (tho i have to say lacoue-labarthe's work on heidegger is more persuasive to me), written with a lot of verve and energy. but "spectres"? gawd. i mean, calling for a new international with basically no content or intention, and giving the top 9 reasons why the world is going badly and not mentioning capital seem about watery-marxist (neiman-marxist, even) as you can get.

don't get me wrong; i'm not saying derrida should be a marxist--but he obviously wants to count marx among his guiding spirits--of course, without knowing anything about political economy, the difference between money and capital etc. derrida is many great things--but a good reader of marx he is not, so far as i can tell. as for "being a marxist . . ." it's perhaps best not to go there.

best christian

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