I heart Brad Pitt (Re: Reading Judy)

Rob Schaap rws at comserver.canberra.edu.au
Fri Dec 11 09:05:15 PST 1998

>You'd have a scotch w/ me, right Rob?

Relentlessly, Snit!

Although we're frying down here just now - mebbe a few therapeutic lagers, too? After all, sales in 'lite' beer now exceed those of proper beer here, too. And mebbe some full-strength ciggies, eh? The 'lite' cigarettes now outsell the ones with baccy in 'em. The tragic story here is that women (who mostly smoke said lites) are copping the extra-deadly small-cell variety of lung cancer at twice the rate of men. Some reckon it's coz you tend to smoke 'em differently - sucking harder in a futile attempt to extract flavour and buzz.

>I too find it impossible
>to find anyone who likes to drink what used to be called 'hard liquor' --
>just straight. That is, with no fruit or what have you.

Yeah, even a night on the turps has to be full of vitamins and dietary fibre nowadays...

>Well, maybe I can convince Frances tonight when she takes me out on the
>town. Finally.

Ever tried Black Bush Irish Whiskey? A more sensuously smooth road to the hangover from the very bowels of hell itself there just cannot be ...

Nighty-night, Rob.

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