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Carrol Cox cbcox at mail.ilstu.edu
Fri Dec 11 09:17:29 PST 1998

Christian Gregory (I presume the same as the Christian Gregory on this list) has a superb commentary on Elaine Showalter at this web site: I urge everyone to look it up.

Christian, if you ever develop that commentary further, I urge you to get in touch with Mary Schweitzer <schweit2 at ix.netcom.com>. Mary posts frequently on femecon-l concerning her own illness, CFS; she has challenged Showalter to a debate only to be ignored and mocked. Showalter seems to be a thoroughly detestable and unprincipled character; who exemplifies every sneer ever made at "academics" or "professors."


rc&am wrote:

> the proletarianisation of academic labour?
> http://www.workplace-gsc.com/workplace2/workplace.html

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