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Fri Dec 11 08:54:50 PST 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:

> The fascination of the sublime is in its power to overwhelm or destroy us -
> in art, Shelley's Mont Blanc, Jameson's Hotel Bonaventure, or even, as Tom
> Weiskel argued in The Romantic Sublime, noisy rock and roll. Or in life,
> cigarettes. It's precisely their danger that some people find attractive.
> And the more they're demonized, the more people, especially younger people,
> are drawn to them. The attraction has nothing to do with the reasonable
> evaluation of risk/reward ratios. They're a way of flirting with death.
> This is something that public health professionals and mental hygienists
> don't understand.
> Doug

When I was a teenager, my friends smoked 'cuz all the cool kids did it, and the chicks dug it. Fascination of the sublime had very little to do with it.

Maybe I just had very shallow friends.

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