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Fri Dec 11 10:15:42 PST 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Enrique Diaz-Alvarez wrote:
> >When I was a teenager, my friends smoked 'cuz all the cool kids did it,
> >and the chicks dug it. Fascination of the sublime had very little to do
> >with it.
> >
> >Maybe I just had very shallow friends.
> Why was it "cool"? The association with outlaws, danger, the forbidden, no?

No, not really. This was Spain, and there was (is) no element of danger of forbiddenness to smoking. A 12 year old could (can?) buy cigarettes unimpeded, 14-year-old high school students smoked openly on school grounds, and no institutional attempt was made to discourage them.

There was, however, an element of maturity, you were a big high school kid now, and you proved it by smoking. Danger was really not a part of it at all. And kids smoke a lot more than they do here.

> Doug

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