Derrida Marxist?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Dec 12 08:52:09 PST 1998

Chuck Miller wrote:

> "christian a. gregory" <driver at>
> >>oh gawd. calling for a new international is all it takes these days,
> eh?<<
> I don't know about all it takes, but it sure leads one to suspect that
> he is serious about where his political sympathies lie. His analysis of
> neoliberalism in _Specters_ is also quite good I think at laying bare
> the idiocies of liberals and politicians who take the neoliberal line
> seriously. Perhaps it's the _pluralism_ of Derrida's call for a new
> International that has you spooked?

"Pluralism" is like mom and apple pie, it can mean anything a writer wants it to mean and therefore communicates nothing at all. As to *Spectres*, it was an absolutely beautiful book I hope to reread someday just for the pure kicks of it, but its politics were rotten with elitism and contempt for the mass of the human species. His proposed new International was just another fantasy ascribed to the ghost of Hamlet's father. Ghostly and ghastly, but still beautiful.


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