Third world issues

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Dec 12 11:37:37 PST 1998

Louis Proyect wrote, responding to James Heartfield:

>>All over the third world now, such ativists
>>lecture people in destitution that they must not leave the countryside
>>for the towns, that they should not aspire to Western standards of
>>living, but Western values of ecological austerity.
>Ah, just as I thought. You are imaginging things. There are no such
>activists. None whatsoever.

Oh there's one or two. E.g. Vandana Shiva, who jets around the world - first class only, please! - telling the peasants to stay home & tend to their lentils. Their main constituency is program officers at First World foundations. From what I hear, Shiva has virtually no following in India.


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