The smell of cooked goose...

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Mon Dec 14 09:41:31 PST 1998

Charles, I'm not sure how this will play out (in fact, I never thought it would get this far), but I think if impeachment passes the House, Clinton could be so discredited he'd be compelled to resign. Why Republicans would want to give Gore a free ride into office is beyond me, but they sure seem intent on getting rid of Clinton.

Carl Remick

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As an another attorney pointed out to me, to be impeached is not to be forced from office. The Senate must convict, by vote of 2/3 of majority.

The Republicans do not have 2/3 majority in the Senate, so unless some Democrats break ranks (unlikely), Clinton will not be removed from office.

The Republicans have basically lost. They are like a basketball team that is playing out the final moments, trying to make the score as close as possible ,but doesn't have a chance.

Charles Brown

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... fills the air, and NOT because the holidays are approaching. For the first time, I'm seriously considering the possibility Clinton will be forced from office. Despite how much I detest the man and his policies, I'm infuriated by this prospect. The GOP is basically telling the American electorate to get stuffed. Surely this must bother others on this list.

Carl Remick

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