The smell of cooked goose

pms laflame at
Mon Dec 14 19:30:31 PST 1998

>Whatever happens to Clinton, worse could happen to the Republican thugs
>running the impeachment train. What has happened in the prosecution of
>Clinton, I think the obviously partisan nature of the impeachment effort
>has disgusted a lot of people, including a lot of Republicans. The GOP
>leadership thinks this will be forgotten in 2000. I think not. Like the
>professor told the Judiciary Committee, history will track them down.
>Personally, I hope they hunt 'em with dogs.
>- -- Jim Cullen
>>... fills the air, and NOT because the holidays are approaching. For
>>the first time, I'm seriously considering the possibility Clinton will
>>be forced from office. Despite how much I detest the man and his
>>policies, I'm infuriated by this prospect. The GOP is basically telling
>>the American electorate to get stuffed. Surely this must bother others
>>on this list.
>>Carl Remick

Ho, ho, ho, ya,ll,

I'm with you Carl, I feel like I'm watching a bunch of guys on acid. Them, not me.

A couple of Business Weeks ago, I saw a blub about the guy, whose name escaped me then, and now, who would be presiding over the impeachment proceedings, and he said it was because Newt couldn't go down in history as the person who impeached the Prez, and he could understand that. I guess that had been arranged before the election and the fall of Newt. Could Newt have actually jumped ship? It certainly fits his MO better than the scenerio presented to the publc.

Of course conspiracy theories have been dancing in my head.

First, they release a tape of Clinton that any moron could see, in the first 10 minutes, would only help him with the American People(as we're called), and now this.

I can't help but wonder which game board they're playing on. Maybe they don't want to be in charge when the economic excrement hits the fan. I mean, Henry Hyde is no rabid ideologue. Do we really believe he would diminish his political capital for his principles? Please!

I agree that the voters will remember in 2000. I just find it hard to believe the Repubs think otherwise. What in the fuck is going on? Course, I don't think one of the Bush boys, say, would really suffer for the actions of the House.

It certainly is a sad spectacle. No fun at all. Having to watch Henry Hyde whore around on all the Sunday news programs, depressing. I wish the man would get a goddamned haircut, he looks ridiculous.


ps. But what about the fact that the Senate won't convict, or whatever it's called. They need 2/3 right? Does Clinton stay in power while he's on trial in the Senate?

Could this all be a smokescreen? And they're all really concentrating on economics, as they should be, but in a bad way?


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