Women behaving badly

Carrol Cox cbcox at mail.ilstu.edu
Tue Dec 15 11:29:22 PST 1998

I haven't check my original post, but the following quotation is from me with an antecedent wrongly identified. The "She" referred NOT to Mary Schweitzer but to Frances, and was written in defense of Mary Schweitzer. The "Mary Schweitzer" in the text were the last words of the preceding sentence, which referred to Frances attacking Mary.

Otherwise, I agree fully with this post from Lisa Featherstone. I have sometimes disagreed, even sharply, with Mary on femecon-l, but I would never accuse her of unprincipled arguments or of turning political disagreements into personal attacks.

I'm sorry if my text was ambiguous on this point.


Liza Featherstone wrote:

> I'm not familiar with Frances's work but this
> > Mary Schweitzer. She is one of those humanists who [hysterically?] believes in
> > the mumbo jumbo that leads to dividing humanity into two parts, one of which is
> > superior to the other.

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