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Wed Dec 16 20:54:31 PST 1998

>acts about Iraq from the 1999 NYT Almanac:
>Population: 20,722,287(1998 est.)
>Comparative area: Slightly more than twice the size of Idaho.
>Land use: 12% arable; 0%permanent crops; 9%meadows and
>pastures; 0% forest and woodland; 79%other; includes 4%
>GDP: 42.8 Billion, $2,000 per capita (1997 est.)

I remember being at a towm meeting with then Rep. Ben Jones, talking about Iraq having the second or third, most powerful army in the world! But, ya know, there's never a powerful army around when you really need one. Like, during the fighting.

I still think there's reason to believe that Saddamn is still "our" buddy in Bagdad. It would certainly explain a lot of goofy behavior.


ps. Can you just imagine Clinton talking to Arafat. "Look, Arie, buddy. We wanta play ball with you folks. We're for ya. But you gotta give me somethin' ta work with here. I can't come ta bat for ya, while you're wastein'you're breath on this not recognizin' Israel crap. Get real, now. And we can play ball with ya. Is that really you're niece?"

Nighty-nite pms

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