[PEN-L:1593] George Kennan

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Dec 17 05:48:56 PST 1998

>Oh yes, and as we all know everyone has such admiration of the World Bank, the
>IMF and GATT/WTO in the global south! I can just hear them all screaming,
>"Please, more Structural Adjustment Programs . . . please! More useless damns
>that dislocate our families!"

You can claim that the post-WWII restructuring of the world economy didn't work (in which case I will scratch my head and muse about the fastest generation of growth that the world economy--or indeed the then-less-developed countries--ever saw). But I don't think you can claim that George Kennan was on the "dovish" wing of the American foreign policy establishment...

Brad DeLong

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