Clinton and Tobacco etc.

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Thu Dec 17 16:40:59 PST 1998

Greg, during your research did you find out what brand of cigars Clinton smokes? Didn't Ms. Lewinsky use a cigar from a humidor on Clinton's desk for one of her acts? Maybe Clinton smokes White Owls. :o)

Joe Noonan, I have found that Miller welding machinery is easier to field repair than Lincoln's stuff. Lincoln does make a nice little portable 120v single phase wire welder for light duty maintenance. You are correct Lincoln did have some kind of a problem a couple of years ago with weld failures. Lincoln is a non-union shop and they have some kind of a crazy piece work profit sharing set-up. I understand the place is really cut throat. The workers mutiny every few years and threaten to join a union. Then Lincoln buys them off and they go along as usual until the next uprising.

Another interesting case up here is Ridge Tool. I'll bet you didn't know they were non-union. They too have some kind of a crazy piece work bonus system. They also have a cycle of periodic uprisings, followed by cash payouts from Ridge Tool. They also, like Lincoln have an incestuous culture in the literal sense of the term.

I don't like to weld! I have even had allergic reactions to arc welding. It really bothers my eyes.

Doug, Clinton is acting like the pecker-would he is--- now I understand the term pecker-would---his pecker would get us in a lot of trouble. Also, look at Clinton's top level administrators, at least 40% of them belong to a tribal/ethnic/religious group that makes up maybe 1 1/2% of the American population. This tribal/ethnic/religious minority so over represented in the Clinton administration has had thousands of years old blood feuds with the tribal/ethnic/religious group who we are bombing. Is this smart policy?

Your email pal, Tom L.

Greg Nowell wrote:

> Inspired by people on this list I have done some
> research on the impeachment tobacco linkages. However,
> I'm trying to market an 800 word piece on this topic as
> an op-ed piece and therefore can't post it just yet. I
> will do so after I've shopped it around. -gn
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