Please don't bomb Iraq

Enzo Michelangeli em at
Thu Dec 17 16:54:00 PST 1998

-----Original Message----- From: James Baird <jlbaird3 at> Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 1:47 AM

>>That's the rule in government matters, not an exception specific to
>>and Saddam. Otherwise, why pass laws prohibiting the assassination of
>>foreign leaders, while qualifying as duty the assassination of whole
>>and scores of civilians? Looks like the number of victims ennobles the
>>of killing, as sarcastically remarked by Chaplin in "Monsieur Verdoux".
>Wasn't there a quote attributed to Stalin along the lines of "One death
>is a tragedy. A million is a statistic."

I've found M. Verdoux' original phrase:

"One murder makes a villain; millions a hero. Numbers sanctify!"


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