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Fri Dec 18 12:21:25 PST 1998

Re MBS's: "The greatest crime is the ability of a simple Congressional majority, in collusion with a Reaganite judiciary, to railroad a popularly elected president from office. It smacks of fascism. Clinton's deeds against Iraq, whatever you think of them, are business as usual. The time to criticize business as usual is all the time. The time to criticize the act of impeachment is right now. The ratification of Delay's coup makes future Iraq-type actions much more likely, not less."

I'm much inclined to say the hell with Clinton also, but this is very well put, Max. See also today's NY Times, viz.:

"Having disagreed with the president on issues like welfare reform, crime policy, the North American Free Trade Agreement and military actions in the Persian Gulf, many on the left of the [Democratic] party are now finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of defending him.

"'The right looks at Clinton and they see us,' said Robert Borosage, a fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies and an adviser to [Jesse] Jackson during his 1988 presidential campaign. 'They see anti-war, gay rights, pro-choice, civil rights. But when we look at him, we don't see us at all.

"'But," Borosage added, 'we can't let the right wing win. He ain't much. But he's all we got.'"

Carl Remick

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