Rhetoric of Violence.

Sam Pawlett epawlett at uniserve.com
Fri Dec 18 13:55:00 PST 1998

The rhetoric around the current Iraq war games is interesting. I counted Madelaine Albright using the word "degrade" three times in the same sentence.There seems to be a lot of Orwellian "we have to bomb it to save it" and "we have to bomb Iraq to make the world safe for peace" type stuff going on too. The phrase "Our quarrel is not with the Iraqi people" (Oh?) is being bandied about too.The irony is that the very people doing the "degrading" are the ones being degraded and humiliated. The coup de grace came last night when a number of pundits were reflecting on CNN on "why the name Desert Fox". From the World Book Encyclopedia entry on Erwin Rommel: "He commanded the Afrika Korps until the British forces stopped him in Egypt in 1942. His clever tactics earned him the nickname 'desert fox'." I think the dog is just wagging its tail.

Sam Pawlett

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