'Jew Hear That?

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Fri Dec 18 15:26:35 PST 1998

Tom, my advice is to plead temporary insanity.

This would not be the first stupid thing said on LBO. On that all would agree, though consensus would break down on who was stupid when. I've even got a couple of examples of my own for Prof. DeLong, of whom I think a lot.

I note the goyim seemed somewhat more put out about this than the stigmatized group.

My mother-in-law, who thinks well of me, once told me that the awful Nazis went after the Jews because 'they had all the money.' She was trying to be sympathetic.

Stupidity in a remark is compounded by viciousness, but I've never detected any of the latter in TL. So I think we don't need to prolong the pinata treatment.

Take my word for it. One day I'll be a wise old Jew.


"One class-conscious worker is worth 1,000 revolutionary students."

-- Ken Cockrell

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