2. On tobacco and impeachment.

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Fri Dec 18 17:14:21 PST 1998

Greg Nowell wrote:

> Like
>Johnson he knew that to defeat the core southern
>constituency he had to dismantle its funding. Total
>war against tobacco was a strike at a core economic
>pillar of the Republican party.

>From the Center for Responsive Politics website

Total Dems Repubs 1979-94 PACs $10,683,569 $5,515,110 $5,164,559

1991-92 Total $ 5,730,328 $2,471,568 $3,253,441

1993-94 Total $ 5,143,258 $1,638,021 $3,504,937

1995-96 Total $10,324,088 $1,890,778 $8,431,560

1997-98 (partial) Total $ 5,963,356 $1,306,849 $4,655,507

What I see is that the Dems war on tobacco has transformed even-handed funding in the 1980s into lopsidedly Republican funding in the late 1990s. And the 1995-96 total of $10.3 million was out of a total cost for that Congressional cycle of about $433 million.

Tobacco money goes heavily to tobacco-state Congresspersons, which certainly helps sustain cretins like Helms, but on the other hand, these are not people likely to challenge tobacco for electoral reasons either. So aren't you overstating things a teensy bit, Greg?


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