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Sat Dec 19 07:42:53 PST 1998

To whom...,

It may be streching things a bit, but I think Clinton is being haunted by the ghosts of Khartoum. The people and the congress had to swallow that atrocity and suspend their disbelief - *once*. Now the blush is most certainly off the cruise missile rose. American list members will remember that (senate majority leader) Trent Lott went ballistic on Wednesday, condemning both the President *and* the action as far as he could. It's also interesting to note that the screws were put to (House Speaker-elect) Livingston on his infidelity right after that, when it looked like his more moderate tone (delaying the impeachment vote) might win influence. Absent the bombing, there is no way Livingston could have opposed the impeachment juggernaut and started forming a more centrist coalition (that the President would be beholden to). Absent the previous wagging of the dog in Khartoum and Afghanistan, the bombing might have played well enough to delay the impeachment vote until the next congress, giving Livingston exactly that opportunity.

Make no mistake, Livingston is a pro-impeachment conservative. He is also a Speaker-elect facing at least two years of total frustration. No business will be done during the Senate trial and if that trial fails to oust Clinton (the odds-on outcome), no Republican legislation will be signed and Republicans may suffer a backlash in 2000 (possibly putting Livingston out of his new job).


p.s. - As I write this, it seems Livingston may be out of a job. It seems he's either quit or has tendered a resignation that is being considered.

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