Class, race and gender in the early American Marxist movement

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Dec 19 09:39:44 PST 1998

In the middle of a very fine piece, Louis Proyect unfortunately wrote:

>The answer to dogmatic Marxism is not Judith Butler, as Doug Henwood seems
>to think.

I do not think any such thing, nor have I said or written anything remotely like that. Just because I think someone is intelligent and instructive doesn't mean I think he or she has "the answer." A minor point: her critique of "neoconservative Marxism," though rather misspecified (Alan Sokal is *not* a Marxist), it still has a lot in common with the Proyect critique of "dogmatic Marxism."

By the way, this will all be thrashed out in the lbo-talk seminar on Butler's Psychic Life of Power, beginning on January 10.


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