Nazi Relationship To Capitalism

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Sun Dec 20 21:04:38 PST 1998

>We need to structure our economic system so
>that it cannot fall prey to the instability of capitalism. We need to
>maintain social flexibility, so that capable and energetic individuals
>always have the possibility of rising. We need to ensure that capital does
>not have the possibility of changing society's rules to suit itself. The
>way to achieve and maintain an economic system which meets these criteria
>is to design and govern the system subject to the supreme principle: the
>ultimate aim of all economic policy is racial progress.

Thanks for the point Nathan. I want to mark the links, which I'm sure will change if he's really going to run.

Actually, IMHO, this is a great essay. Just the kind of language we need to use to move the public away from their faith in the free-trade fairy. Except for the racism, of course. But even that's blatant enough to de-fang this group. Which is why I would not censor hate speech. And Marx needs to be left out of Paradigm Shift 101, no matter which side you're on. One step at a time. Keep it simple.

The complexities of human nature would have to be addressed before I could feel comfortable with something like central planning. Fersure. Power corrupts, like absolutely, man. Deal with it. I've never heard any Left-talk about this.

Nighty-nite Paula

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