Stampeding bison?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Dec 21 06:42:25 PST 1998

> C. Proyect,
> Native Americans also installed semi-permanent fish weirs in
>spawning streams, a process that would eventually kill off that stream to
>spawning. Of course beavers do the same thing. There is a tremendous
>amount of "waste" in the natural ecosystem, any idea to the contrary is

First of all, I am not your "comrade". You are an anti-Communist. Communists call each other comrade, not Wall Street yuppie smart-alecs like yourself. Furthermore, when you begin to cite some scholarly literature to back up your assertions, then I might take you seriously. Of course, with an idiotic, pompous tag like "boddhisatva", that seems like a waste of time for me even to suggest such a thing. They say that something like 75% of American college students never read more that 2-3 books a year once they graduate. You obviously fall into that category. For four years I have been reading your garbage, but there is nothing in there but bald assertions. You pontificate about everything under the sun from the Russian Revolution to ecology to the American Indian, but give no evidence that you are familiar with any facts.

In my post, I cited the scholarly work of John Ewers, the chief ethnologist at the Smithsonian Institution and author of many books and articles on the Plains Indians. You state that Indians killed off the fish in their streams. Is this something you heard from the jackasses you work with on Wall Street, or did it just pop into your head. Maybe it is something you read in Newsweek when you were at the dentist's office. The least you could do is provide the issue date.

Now we know that your real agenda is not clarifying the social conditions of indigenous peoples. It is rather to give vent to your prejudices, like the time you referred to the waitresses in buckskin skirts at the Foxwood gambling casino. You nearly got throw off PEN-L for this kind of racist baiting. I hope that Doug Henwood has backbone enough to do the job which should have been done long ago.

Louis Proyect


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