LBO on Wall Street

James Baird jlbaird3 at
Mon Dec 21 10:20:18 PST 1998


After reading this in Salon:

>His newsletter, the Left Business
>Observer, founded in 1986, is so packed with
>detailed research and insights about the goings-on of
>the free market that it's read by everyone from
>radical Marxists to rabidly pro-capitalist libertarians.

I got to thinking: without revealing any confidential subscriber information, how many people on Wall Street read LBO? Are there actually traders (not, in my experience, the most intellectually inclined of fellows) out there who will read a well-informed alternate opinion, if only to gain some money-making insight?

BTW, I too would love to see DH on Crossfire or some such. The problem being, of course, he would last only as long as he lost every argument...

Jim Baird

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