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Tue Dec 22 17:07:28 PST 1998

Sam Pawlett wrote:

<< Also, wasn't Duke in on that nazi, klan, bikers attempted invasion of a Caribbean island from Louisiana? >>

This harks back to an earlier LBO exchange on a different subject. I wrote the two-part CovertAction Information Bulletin coverage on the U.S. and Canadian KKK-Nazi mercenary group's abortive attempt to overthrow Dominica in 1980, originally planned and financed as a coup to overthrow the New Jewel government of Grenada. Ward Churchill collaborated on those reports, and wrote a more general article on CIA mercenaries. That was before he changed his position to support of collaboration with the CIA in Laos and Nicaragua.

David Duke was in on the original plan, but backed out of it when the switch to Dominica occurred. His fellow Klansmen assumed that he was the one who turned them in to the FBI, which busted the group as it was about to set sail. More likely is that the feds were involved all along, and that the CIA arranged funding through wealthy businessmen. A handful of the mercenaries were tried and convicted on various federal charges; the wealthy men who provided the funds were not.

Ken Lawrence

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