Useless post to say happy Xmas

Rob Schaap rws at
Wed Dec 23 07:38:42 PST 1998

I think cigarettes are sublime.

I think Christopher Hitchens is bloody marvellous.

I think lefty liars have done, and can not help but do, us more damage than all the liars the other side can muster.

I still think Wilson was and is over-rated, and that American nationalism was at the root of it.

I think Boddhi is not in any respect a racist.

Oh, and I think Brad Pitt is dull and ugly, and is only watchable if and when he gets to play the ham - and you could have got Danny DeVito and still made that fishing shot look good.

To those few friends I now have left, thanks for a real blast, and I look forward to getting back to you all in what promises to be an otherwise diificult year to anticipate with enthusiasm.

Have a wondrously debauched festive season, everybody!

Best to all, Rob.

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