tobacco as vice

Greg Nowell GN842 at CNSVAX.Albany.Edu
Wed Dec 23 12:04:23 PST 1998

Some people here think smoking is wonderful. Well good for them. I like to drink your better bourbons (you simply MUST try Weller's 107--no other Weller's will do) and scotches. Good for me.

But ceteris paribus we're probably better off not encouraging the massive beer culture and indiscriminate addiction to tobacco. The California campaign was highly effective. It did not REQUIRE anyone to quit. I would have no objection to a similar campaign aimed at alcohol, even though I do like to drink.

BTW, for the radicals, the California anti-tobacco campaign in its heyday was the closest thing I've seen to primetime class-oriented political advertising, pointing out to people that they were letting themselves become the vicitms of uncaring multinational capitalism.

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