tobacco and political money

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Dec 23 12:35:37 PST 1998

> I refer readers to the article on Rep. Burton at
> . The esteemed
> Congressman keeps detailed accounts not just of who
> contributes who much, but how they split their
> contributions between the parties. . . .

Prof. Nowell, I'm afraid you have neglected the most important part of the story. Burton, a stalwart of the Christian coalition and leading Clinton-hater, has the aspect of a moose in rutting season. This a.m., the Washington Post front-paged a rehash of the Salon piece which highlighted a diverse pattern of improper payments of about half a mill (six zeroes) Burton had made from assorted accounts to one of his assistants in past months. Seems the woman is a professional clown, among other duties.

That's a lot of laughs.


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