tobacco as vice

Alec Ramsdell a_ramsdell at
Wed Dec 23 12:42:37 PST 1998

---Greg Nowell <GN842 at CNSVAX.Albany.Edu> wrote:
> BTW, for the radicals, the California anti-tobacco
> campaign in its heyday was the closest thing I've seen
> to primetime class-oriented political advertising,
> pointing out to people that they were letting
> themselves become the vicitms of uncaring multinational
> capitalism.

>From an environmental/health angle, there is a contradiction in the
Califonia campaigns. I think Del Mar, just north of San Diego, outlawed smoking in public places, on an environment/health platform (anyone know the particulars?). Yet every 15 or so minutes public transit busses drive through emitting noxious fumes. And shouldn't the smog in LA, Riverside, even San Diego now, be considered a kind of second-hand smoke? It certainly is a residue of multinational capitalism.


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