Salon on Doug Henwood

Peter Kilander peterk at
Wed Dec 23 18:15:22 PST 1998

>Well, I went to Cambridge, so it's less national chauvinism than the
>contempt of us Cantabridgeans for the other place, where Hitchens went. In
>case, I'ver earned my Anglophobia. But in actual fact, if there is a sneer
>my comment, its directed at Americans who fall for Brit accents. Cheerio.

Point taken. In the "middle-America" milieu in which I move, far from the Cultural Elite, Brits are constantly denograted as being snobs or worse: European. People see films like The Devil's Own, In The Name of the Father, Braveheart, Trainspotting and Austin Powers. There is a residual enchantment with Princes and Princesses but no awareness of Britain's leftist tradition. I'm not British by the way, just Chicagoan. I have to admit I liked the TV show Absolutely Fabulous.

best wishes, Peter Kilander

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