Larry Bensky fired from Pacifica

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Thu Dec 24 12:51:03 PST 1998

Bensky did an excellant program several years ago on the Jonestown massacre. He had a tape of Joe Holsinger, the aide to the late Congressman Leo Ryan who was killed at Jonestown. Holsinger( not a radical) went on the public record as saying that Jonestown was a massive "CIA mind control operation". Took a lot of courage on Bensky's part I thought.

Sam Pawlett.

Paul Henry Rosenberg wrote:

> Doug Henwood wrote:
> > Louis Proyect wrote:
> >
> > >(I don't know how many people listen to Pacfica nowadays, but Larry Bensky
> > >was the main commentator during the Iran-Contra hearings, when the radio
> > >station was at its best. They seem to be purging themselves of good people
> > >like him and systematically replacing them with NPR types.)
> >
> > According to the folks on the freepacifica list, Bensky's been reinstated
> > with a weekend program that will be carried on all 5 Pacifica stations. But
> > the broader story, the NPR-ization of Pacifica, proceeds.
> The new program was Bensky's idea all along, according a post from him
> on another list. His new program was announced on the air on KPFK
> yesterday.
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