Bill Blum and chapter titles . . .

DamonMac at DamonMac at
Thu Dec 24 13:44:50 PST 1998

The book is well cited, although in the introduction he seems like a sad apologist for the horrors of "socialism/communism" as it existed in the REAL world---which is a disease that infects much of the left---but that's just typical: like those who can't admit Castro is a dictator (ie, Amy Goodman, etc.). That's kind of annoying. Even though his analysis of political realities are poor, it is a good reference and worth owning. The titles of the chapters are great as well. Just a few: Chap 27 -- "Brazil 1961-1964: Introducing the marvelous new world of death squads" or Chap 34 -- "Chile 1964-1973: A hammer and sickle stamped on your child's forehead" or Chap 35 "Greece 1964-1974: 'Fuck your Parliament and your Constitution,' said the President of the United States". A good read overall.


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