Spiritualism and communal living

Charles Miller bautiste at uswest.net
Fri Dec 25 18:29:01 PST 1998

I probably do not need to note that Swedenborg was the intellectual hero of several major literary and philosophy talents. Goethe, Emerson and Blake to name just a few. Milosz also in this century. Then there's Yeats...

As far as the spiritualism of the last century is concerned, there's a lot of evidence to show that Whitman's background in this _science_ was quite extensive, and he saw poetry as an embodiment of the transformations supposedly brought on by various brands of this science. Finally, I have heard that Einstein used to read Blavatsky--some people say for fun, others are not exactly sure why. Anyone ever come across this?

chuck miller

> The synthesis of Swedenborgianism, mesmerism and spiritualism seemed to
> pave the way to a spiritual science that would in time provide a key not
> only to the mysteries of life after death but to the meaning of everything.
> It was this expectation that provided an impetus for new brands of
> 'scientific' Christianity

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