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Calling all comsymps.

What shall we make of this.(below) Why is this guy letting the chance of justifiably attacking unfettered capitalism and economic imperialism slip by. Are most Russian Big Cigars really Jewish, or is it a cheap vote getter, or what? Will this continuing development effect the Israeli elections, in a bad way ?

Also, I saw that show about the dogs, and cats. These two obviously unrelated cats, clinging to each other as they watched other cats being hung by the neck. Don't they know cats are sacred? The collars were minor. It was the full length coats that really brought in the bucks. Yellow house cat coats, the poor womans luxury. I believe they said these were for the Asian market. Quite nice looking too. I kept wondering why they didn't shed.

While I agree about the obscenity of trade policy, and capitalism in general, I think it was just a matter of who's going to take a camera and pose as a buyer. If it gave the public a clue that their lives are shaped by trade policy, that's a small step in the right direction. It made me wonder if anyone had taken hidden camera's and gone undercover to expose the working conditions. Has it never been done, or has it never made the news, or did the public just not care?

By David Hoffman Washington Post Service ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- MOSCOW - The Communist Party leader, Gennadi Zyuganov, has declared in an open letter his belief in a Zionist conspiracy to seize power in Russia and asserted that ''Zionist capital'' has wrecked the Russian economy. The letter appeared to be aimed at the Russian business tycoons, known as the ''oligarchs,'' who were instrumental in re-electing President Boris Yeltsin over Mr. Zyuganov in 1996. Most of the small circle of tycoons are Jewish.

Mr. Zyuganov wrote the letter in the aftermath of criticism of Albert Makashov, a member of his party in Parliament, the Duma. In recent months, Mr. Makashov has made virulently anti-Semitic statements. The lower house of the Duma, in which the Communist Party is the largest faction, has refused to condemn Mr. Makashov.

In the letter, made public this week, Mr. Zyuganov said members of his party had made ''insufficiently considered remarks directed against Jews'' that were ''contrary to the directives'' of the party. He did not name Mr. Makashov.

But he devoted most of the letter to an attack on Zionism that echoed some of the most strident Soviet-era propaganda.

Mr. Zyuganov said Zionism was not a movement of Jews returning to their homeland. Rather, he said, ''Zionism has in reality revealed itself as one of the varieties of the theory and practice of the most aggressive imperialistic circles striving for world supremacy.

''In this respect it is similar to fascism,'' he wrote. ''The only difference between them is that Hitler's Nazism was performing under the guise of German nationalism and sought world supremacy openly. And Zionism, performing under the guise of Jewish nationalism, is operating stealthily, using other people's hands.''

Mr. Zyuganov said that by attacking Zionism he did not mean to attack Jews. ''We have never put an equation mark between the notions of a Jew and a Zionist,'' he said. ''The spread of Zionist ideology among the Jewish people is by far not the fault, but a misfortune, of the Jewish people.''

The remarks of Mr. Zyuganov, a former Soviet Communist Party ideologist, were taken right from the pages of anti-Zionist diatribes of the Stalin years and later.

Mr. Zyuganov said that while Jews were welcome to leave Russia or recognize it ''as their only motherland,'' they could not be some kind of ''inner emigrant in it, acting for the damage of her interests in favor of another state or an international corporation.''

He then attacked the Jewish financiers without naming them. One of the oligarchs, Boris Berezovsky, has called for outlawing the Russian Communist Party.

''Our people are not blind,'' Mr. Zyuganov said. ''They cannot but see that Zionization of the government authorities of Russia was one of the reasons for the present catastrophic conditions of the country, mass impoverishment and dying-out of its population.

''They cannot turn a blind eye to the aggressive, destructive role of Zionist capital in ruining Russia's economy and plundering her property owned by all,'' the letter declared.

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